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Raising #Social Kids

learning to navigate the good, the bad, the selfie

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Hey, I'm Sarah.

Speaker, story-teller, inconsistent blogger, 3x-gentlemen-raiser located in Fort Worth, TX.

Over the past several years, I've had the privilege of traveling and speaking to groups across the nation about social media + kids.

From school counselors to educators to parents to churches to community leaders to middle schoolers, my passion is to help bridge the gap between generations so we can better understand and better navigate this digital world.

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Kind Words

Sarah’s knowledge and delivery of “teen social media trends” has always been well received by the parents she presents to, and all who attend walk away feeling more knowledgeable and confident in how to protect their teen on social media! Her ability to connect with both teens and parents is top notch! I always look forward to having her help educate our parents, and would recommend her to anyone!

High School Intervention Counselor

Sarah delivers important and sometimes heavy information in a way that feels light and hopeful. She openly shares her experiences with teens and children in a funny and charismatic way. Sarah has a gift of being able to inform her audience while simultaneously entertaining them. I can't wait to have her speak for us again!

Ministry Coordinator / PTA President

What a great presentation! Sarah has wonderful perspectives that I hadn't thought of. It ha helped me be more open/understanding of kids and their attachment to social media.

Middle School Educator

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Common Q's

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Why does any of this matter?

Good question. Glad you asked! Whether you are a fan or foe of social media, it matters greatly to our kids and future generations - and it's not going away! 

It affects several things in their lives - the way they communicate, their identity, their safety, their sense of reality, and even the way they understand healthy relationships. Gaining a better understanding of it helps us better counsel and support the digital natives in our lives.

What is your main focus?

My entire goal is to provide perspective and insight into the bigger picture of social media - the generational mindset differences as well as the principles and narratives that can affect our kids - rather than the ins and outs of the apps they play out on. (Though we will answer some of those questions, too!) I want to equip you with knowledge and truth that will not change, regardless of how fast the apps and platforms do.

How did you get into this?

Completely by accident. True story.

Because of when I grew up - half off, half on social media - I am somewhat of a digital bilingual. I remember sneaking around the corner with my corded house phone for privacy (anyone?), but also remember my AOL Instant Messenger name and signing up for the new website "The Facebook" my freshman year of college.

I'm also heavily invested in teenagers in my own church and community. (They're my favorite demographic of human!)

Both my experience with teens and personal insight into this subject has led me to groups and organizations all over the map and I love it!

Who is your target audience?

Any human who uses technology. Just kidding. (Kind of.)

I speak mainly to two groups: adults involved with kids and teens (parents, schools, educators, youth workers, etc) and teens, though typically not at the same time. (Combined audiences lead to many-an-eyeroll between the youths and their adult.)

What's your typical format?

Presentations and events range wildly. The most common format is a 1 hour event - 45 minutes of content, 15 minutes of Q&A. (Virtual or in person.) 

We've also done half-day seminars, multi-week sessions, and - one time - a casual ice cream date with a gaggle of middle school girls who needed some advice on SnapChat.

I love it all and am flexible to work around the needs of your group.

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